Pediatric Home Health

Community Care is the only locally owned pediatric home health care company serving Western Pennsylvania. Our services reach out from the rolling land of the rural countryside to the busy streets of the Pittsburgh suburbs. Wherever you live, you can be assured that Community Care will be able to provide you with safe, effective, high quality pediatric medical care that is cost effective and patient friendly.

Our children are our greatest assets. We believe that empowering our employees to deliver the most exceptional health care each and every day through education, training, and compassion is the only way that our children can achieve their fullest potential in life.

Our Pediatric case managers work individually with you and your child's physician to create a care plan that suits your child's individual needs. They also take special care when selecting the nurses and/or aides that will be caring for your child. Finding the right fit between caregiver, patient, and family is as important as the care itself. Call us today to learn more about our pediatric home health care services at 1(877)830-9901, or email us at:

We Provide

Skilled care for technology dependent patients
Competent pediatric and neonatal nurses
Ventilator care; nutritional maintenance through g-tubes, NG tubes, and central line maintenance
Home health aide services to help children succeed in today's world
Pediatric case managers who attend insurance reviews, IEP and FSPs, upon request of family
One-on-one perceptive programs
Non-conventional scheduling available
Home infusions

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